O’Learys grew from a local to a global concept with a laser focus on franchise support and brand compliance

O’Learys was founded in Gothenburg in 1988 and consists of informal event restaurants with a “Bostonian neighbourhood bar” style. The concept includes everything from the local sports restaurant to mega complexes with bowling and go-carts and specialized restaurants for airports and central stations.

O’Learys has grown to an international chain of restaurants in a dozen countries, with chain sales of over SEK 2 billion and two Franchise Chain of the Year awards from the industry Organisation Svensk Franchise (Swedish Franchise).

Challenge and needs

As O’Learys developed their operations and expanded internationally, they became a complex Organisation with multiple layers. Their franchisees could be responsible for several restaurants in their market, and the restaurants themselves could be quite large with 40-50 employees with different roles and responsibilities.

An Organisation of this size generates a lot of information on a daily basis. This includes everything from strategically updating operations manuals to daily newsflashes on delivery delays, campaigns and general events.

Our solution

Chainformation allowed O’Learys to transform from a local Swedish business into an international franchise with best-in-class operating and working processes. Their central support office could update all information through the Chainformation platform, directly in their browser. And when O’Learys opened up in a brand new market, they could quickly create corresponding structures in the system and copy global conceptual manuals and routine documentation.

O’Learys used Chainformation to store and communicate all of their information, creating a three-dimensional role and access rights structure which also managed different languages for every market. Every employee only needed to receive and relate information that was specific to their role or responsibilities in the restaurant and market in which they worked. The constant availability of relevant information and the use of direct notifications made sure that the entire workforce was always up to date.

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