Expansion in franchise form increased the need for internal control and follow-up

Tott Hotels is a well-known Swedish hotel concept that decided to adopt a franchise model. They work with hotels that have unique locations and a special character, and the hotels and facilities that join the franchise benefit from being part of a chain and receiving the synergies that a chain can provide.

Challenge and needs

The hotels are large facilities with many employees and extensive daily routines, all of which must be performed professionally to maintain a high standard and to ensure the well-being and safety of the guests. When adopting the franchise model, Tott Hotels saw a pressing need to package its business concept and operating system, to put manuals in place and to be able to control and follow up the daily routines.

Our solution

Since Tott Hotels implemented the Chainformation platform, all of their manuals have been completely digital.

“Using Chainformation as a digital platform for our manuals and daily routines has made it easier for everyone, including for management, supervisors and employees. Our documents have become ‘alive’ and our employees love having access to up-to-date information.” – Andréa Abrahamsson, Head of Hotel Development & New Establishments

In addition, the platform is equipped with integrated digital checklists that are directly linked to relevant sections of the manuals so that problems can be resolved immediately. Tott Hotels‘ checklists range from daily morning routines to nightly alarm and security rounds as well as cleaning routines in the spa department, and the checklists are automatically sent to the relevant departments.

With checklists, it’s easier for the staff to know what procedures to perform and when to perform them, which is invaluable in an industry with a high staff turnover. Discrepancies are automatically detected and reported in real-time so that the closest manager is notified and can take action. Tott Hotel can now immediately detect and solve issues – like snow covering emergency exits, uncleaned rooms or problems with cash registers – long before they affect any guests.

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